CMT Taxi & Cab Booking Service

    Booking a cab or taxi service while travelling in India offers convenience, safety, and comfort. It eliminates the hassle of navigating unfamiliar routes, dealing with public transportation, and negotiating fares. You can relax and enjoy the journey without worrying about traffic or parking with professional drivers familiar with local roads. Additionally, cab services often provide options for various vehicle types to suit different travel needs and budgets.

    Booking Taxi Services and Cabs at CMT

    CMT offers you several cab and taxi options to accommodate your travel and travellers’ comfort. Here are the most popular taxi services available at CMT, please submit the details in the contact form to start booking:

    • Airport & Outstation Cabs: Cabs to pick and drop you off from Airports to any destination within the city or outstation.
    • Hourly Rental Cabs: An hourly rental cab is best when you want flexibility of time on your trip or may include multiple stops in a single trip.
    • Roundtrip Cabs: Book a roundtrip cab when your destination and duration of stay is short. Especially when travelling to destinations with little or less reliable cab services. This way you can save time and have a stress-free return journey with your familiar cab.
    • One-Way Drops: One way drop is one of the most common cab bookings for travel within the city at a low cost.
    • Day Rental: Book a cab for a full day to explore a city without the stress of booking various modes of transport.
    • Corporate Booking: Book large transport such as Tempo Traveller, Volvo Buses, etc. for group travel. You can also book premium cars to ferry important dignitaries and leave a good impression of your firm.
    • Luxury Cabs: Book luxury cabs for a comfortable and exclusive journey for your VIP clients and dignitaries. Our itinerary includes sedans from Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Bentley, and RR.
    • Tempo Traveller: Best vehicles for a fun family trip, outstation, wedding, picnic, city tour, events and many more. Comes with a capacity ranging from 15 to 35 passengers and an inbuilt recess room.

    Why Should You Book Taxi Services in India?

    Booking a taxi service during your trip to India offers several benefits:

    • Wide Coverage and Convenience
      • Taxi services are available in most Indian cities, towns, and even remote areas.
      • They provide door-to-door service, saving you the hassle of navigating public transport.
    • Varied Ride Options
      • You can choose from various ride options based on your group size, budget, and preferences.
      • Whether you need an economical ride or a premium experience, taxi services cater to different needs.
    • Cashless Transactions
      • Most taxi services offer cashless payment options, making transactions convenient and secure.
      • You can pay via mobile wallets, credit/debit cards, or online platforms.
    • Real-Time Tracking and Safety
      • All taxis operating with CMT provide real-time tracking, ensuring safety during your journey.
      • You can share your ride details with family or friends for added security.
    • Local Insights and Knowledgeable Drivers
      • Taxi drivers often have local knowledge about routes, landmarks, and hidden gems.
      • They can recommend places to visit, eat, and explore.
    • Comfort and Privacy
      • Taxis offer a private and comfortable travel experience.
      • You can relax, enjoy the scenery, and travel at your own pace.
    • Emergency Assistance
      • Many taxi apps have an emergency button for immediate assistance.
      • In case of any issues, you can seek help promptly with CMT Care.

    So, whether you’re a solo traveller or with family, booking a taxi ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable trip in India.

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