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Kerala, aptly named “God’s Own Country,” is a paradise for travellers


(5-7 Days)

Kerala, aptly named “God’s Own Country,” is a paradise for travellers due to its diverse landscapes, lush greenery, and rich cultural heritage. Known for its serene backwaters, pristine beaches, verdant hill stations, and vibrant festivals, Kerala offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural experiences. It is a popular destination for ecotourism, ayurvedic treatments, wildlife sanctuaries, and authentic culinary delights, attracting tourists from around the globe.

Why Visit Kerala?

Kerala, also known as ‘God’s Own Country’, is a paradise for tourists. Its diverse geographical features and rich cultural heritage make it a unique destination, attracting millions of tourists both domestically and internationally each year.

  • Geographical Diversity:
    • Kerala’s geographical diversity is one of its main attractions.
    • From sandy beaches along the Arabian Sea to lush green hill stations, it offers a wide range of landscapes.
  • Backwaters and Houseboats:
    • The backwaters of Kerala, especially in Alappuzha and Kollam, are famous.
    • Tourists can enjoy serene boat rides on traditional houseboats through these tranquil waterways.
  • Beaches and Ayurvedic Tourism:
    • Kerala boasts coconut-lined sandy beaches like KovalamMuzhappilangad, and Bekal.
    • It is a hub for Ayurvedic tourism, offering rejuvenating treatments and wellness experiences.
  • Hill Stations and Wildlife Sanctuaries:
    • MunnarWayanad, and Vagamon are popular hill stations with misty mountains and tea plantations.
    • Wildlife enthusiasts can explore national parks like PeriyarParambikulam, and Eravikulam.
  • Cultural Heritage and Heritage Sites:
    • Kerala preserves its unique culture and traditions.
    • Padmanabhapuram PalaceHill Palace, and Mattancherry Palace showcase its rich history.
  • Ecotourism and Responsible Travel:
    • The state promotes ecologically sustained tourism, focusing on local culture and wilderness adventures.
    • Visitors can volunteer and contribute to the growth of local communities.

Kerala’s natural beauty, warm hospitality, and vibrant festivals make it a must-visit destination for travellers worldwide.Bottom of Form

How to Reach Kerala?

  • By Air: Kochi International Airport, Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, or Calicut International Airport.
  • By Train: Accessible from major cities via well-connected railway stations.
  • By Road: National Highways connect Kerala to neighbouring states.

Day 1: Arrival in Kochi

  • Arrive in Kochi via train or flight.
  • Hire a cab or rent a self-drive car for your Kerala trip.
  • Explore Kochi’s historic sites and end the day with a mesmerizing Kathakali performance.

Day 2: Alleppey Houseboat Experience

  • Drive to Alleppey or Kumarakom.
  • Stay in a luxurious houseboat and cruise through the tranquil backwaters.
  • Rejuvenate amidst nature’s beauty.

Day 3 & 4: Munnar Magic

  • Drive to Munnar, a resplendent hill station.
  • Explore tea estates, lush green hills, and waterfalls.
  • Stay for at least 2 nights to soak in the exceptional beauty of nature.

Day 5: Wildlife Adventure in Thekkady

  • Drive to Thekkady for a thrilling wildlife safari in Periyar National Park.
  • Witness the ancient martial art form of Kalaripayattu.

Day 6: Luxury at Kovalam

  • Drive to Kovalam, a coastal paradise.
  • Relax on pristine beaches and indulge in luxury experiences.

Day 7: Departure

  • Bid farewell to Kerala, taking back memories of its diverse landscapes and warm hospitality.

Indulging Activities in Kerala

  • Backwater Cruise: Experience luxury on a houseboat.
  • Explore Munnar: Tea tasting, trekking, and nature walks.
  • Wildlife Safari: Spot elephants, tigers, and other wildlife.
  • Beach Time: Relax on Kovalam’s sandy shores.

The Best Time to Visit Kerala

The best time to visit Kerala is during the slightly cooler, dry season that runs from December through February. Not surprisingly, it’s also the peak time to go. During this period, you can enjoy pleasant weather and explore the myriad facets of Kerala – from backwaters to hill stations.

However, if you’re interested in Ayurvedic treatments, the rainy monsoon season (June to August) is ideal. Kerala’s lush greenery and abundant medicinal plants make it a perfect place for Ayurveda. Remember to plan your visit according to your preferences and the experiences you want to have.


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